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    What does a fish know of water in which it swims all its life? What does a man know of nature of which he is an integral part? The ancient answer is: he knows and he knows not. (cited in Saraswati, 1995 (Ed) Man in Nature)

    The more I have learned in life, and I have learned a lot, the less confident I am in what I know. From this, I conclude that adamancy is a sign of ignorance. M. Ferguson 2010- Polymathica

Saturday, 23 August 2008

International work in sustainability

Perhaps it is a gross generalisation, but formal education systems can be the last front of change within society [some subject areas more than others].  There has been 20+ years of work done in the area of sustainability, economy etc. Yet this knowledge has in some ways yet to be adequately diffused and accurately represented into Technology Classrooms.  

I thought I might post this title as example of some of the Work being done internationally in Science and technology  and Sustainable development.  Follow the links to read articles free online.