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    What does a fish know of water in which it swims all its life? What does a man know of nature of which he is an integral part? The ancient answer is: he knows and he knows not. (cited in Saraswati, 1995 (Ed) Man in Nature)

    The more I have learned in life, and I have learned a lot, the less confident I am in what I know. From this, I conclude that adamancy is a sign of ignorance. M. Ferguson 2010- Polymathica

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Peak oil and Technology Education for a sustainable future

Technacy predicts that a change in one part of the technological dynamic creates or forces a shift in the other elements.  So, if a change in the Eco-resource is forced upon a technology system both the; tools instuments and devices and The Knowledge, values and organisation of Agency must necessarily experience a shift and adaptation.

The video below cited on a Post Carbon institute site article, discusses oil as a dominating eco-resource. Special mention is made of the way trade [a purpsoe.context factor] is organised, operated and  fuelled [ie. the economy]. If our whole technological civilization is fueled on oil, and oil becomes more and more expensive- what can we expect to give in the agency, tools, instruments devices, and what purpose/context factors need to be re-evaluated. 

SO; Some decisions need to be made in how we educate young minds about technology. A technology curriculum in schools might somehow prepare children for a new way of thinking to cope with the probable changes ahead.  Industrial arts, Industrial technology, Food and textiles technology classes will need to 'de-materialise' their learning, teach systems thinking and complexity, foster critical thinking, show the relevance of economic activity to technolgical occupations, assess knowledge about values and attitudes embedded in technologies and their designs, and teach about sustainable decision making  -  somehow.  

Peak everything: see original source here.


  1. NIce job, nice logic too. Add networks to systems.

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