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    What does a fish know of water in which it swims all its life? What does a man know of nature of which he is an integral part? The ancient answer is: he knows and he knows not. (cited in Saraswati, 1995 (Ed) Man in Nature)

    The more I have learned in life, and I have learned a lot, the less confident I am in what I know. From this, I conclude that adamancy is a sign of ignorance. M. Ferguson 2010- Polymathica

Friday, 20 June 2008

Retreating from an Ocean onslaught

A new study has revealed that measurements taken of the planets rising oceans were inadvertently innacurate.  Unfortunately the correction does not look any better.  click here to read the article 'Scientific sleuths find seas warming, rising faster  This is a great example of how even when someone, highly skilled with a technology to take measurements, it remains open to error.  Interestingly, it was the disciplined logic and thinking that provided insight to correct the knowledge. 

And while on the topic of climate change and rising seas
It seems some people are concerned enough about climate change that they are thinking about how developing a "managed retreat" away from a rising sea.  Though not all fancy the idea. Dare I suggest to notice the profession of one of those who object????

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