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    What does a fish know of water in which it swims all its life? What does a man know of nature of which he is an integral part? The ancient answer is: he knows and he knows not. (cited in Saraswati, 1995 (Ed) Man in Nature)

    The more I have learned in life, and I have learned a lot, the less confident I am in what I know. From this, I conclude that adamancy is a sign of ignorance. M. Ferguson 2010- Polymathica

Friday, 7 March 2008

Papers, essays etc by Jason E Newcombe

Papers are currently accessable via 'Scribd'. All work is in draft format (pre-publication) only.
Access is via the respective link or by going to SCRIBD directly and conduct a search

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Conference presentations

NEWCOMBE, J. & SEEMANN, K. 2008. Skilling out technological intelligence: A skills-climate paradox. Paper presented at the 5th biennial international conference on technology education research: Crowne Plaza Hotel, Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, 27-29 November 2008: Griffith institute for educational research: Griffith University.

NEWCOMBE, J. E. 2006. Core disciplined study of technology: Of value but not valued? In: MIDDLETON, H., PAVLOVA, M. & ROEBUCK, D. (eds.) 4th Biennial International Conference on Technology Education Research Values in Technology Education [CDROM version] Crowne Plaza Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia 7- 9 December.: Centre for learning research, Griffith University.

NEWCOMBE, J. E. 2004. Expert conceptions of technology education: Convergences and divergences. IPaper presented at the 3rd biennial conference on technology education research-Learning for Innovation in technology. Crowne Plaza, Gold Coast Australia, 9-11 December: Centre of learning research, Griffith University

NEWCOMBE, J. E. 2000. Conceptualising technology educaiton for general education: a delphi study. Bachelor of Technology Education with Honours Unpublished Dissertation, Griffith University.

Magazines and short pieces.

Technology Roman roads. Of course, they "go with out saying". 
This short piece was submitted and published in a modified form within a postgraduate association's annual magazine.

Feeding skills shortages in a technological society: Which ones? where and for how long?
This is an abstract and a brief summary for a Presentation at ‘Praxis 2007’; the Southern Cross university postgraduate association’s multi-disciplinary conference.


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