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    What does a fish know of water in which it swims all its life? What does a man know of nature of which he is an integral part? The ancient answer is: he knows and he knows not. (cited in Saraswati, 1995 (Ed) Man in Nature)

    The more I have learned in life, and I have learned a lot, the less confident I am in what I know. From this, I conclude that adamancy is a sign of ignorance. M. Ferguson 2010- Polymathica

Thursday, 6 March 2008

What on earth is Meta- Technacy

Meta- Technacy is really only an emerging concept for the purpose of raising awareness for informed holistic technology understanding.  

Look, words are of little consequence by themselves but what IS powerful are the ideas words represent. First at one level, consider the word roots in layperson terms:  Meta-above, beyond, after, over; Techne-Craft; ~acy-state of, possessing a quality.

So here 'meta' represents the idea that to have learnt knowledge is one thing but to really know how we come to know and to know WHY we know- now that takes a whole other level of awareness and reasoning.
Technacy refers to possessing a rounded capability founded in essential core principles of technology as a phenomena. That is best explained by others... in this peer reviewed journal paper on the Basic Principles and in a general overview in Wikipedia.

SO what is the antithesis position or the alternative to meta-technacy? Ask, what would it mean to NOT have awareness of how you understand the technology around you? Indeed the problem is that it is difficult to actually 'know what you don't know' and all that is left is to somehow be guided in a way that helps you discover your own ignorance.

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